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  haos lurks in the shadows.

After the once benevolent Prince Nero developed a sunlight addiction, things just haven’t been the same around the realm. Darkness encroaches. The seas are rising. And the Monkeys For The Ethical Treatment of Sunlight are itching for a fight.

It’s up to one Defender to stand up to Certain Doom and give it a swift kick in the pantaloons... because timeis running out.

A Defender's Tale

An unusual reading experience.

A Defender’s Tale is an interactive, personalized adventure book for the iPad where you choose your own pathway, collect items, play games, and strive to save the realm.

  • You will be written into the narrative as the main character—the hero of a realm in peril

  • Customize your companions, weapons, wardrobe
    and more

  • Cautionary tales to teach lessons on friendship, patience, and serpent attack strategies

  • Designed with illustration, interaction, and sound

  • Invite friends to aid your quest via Facebook

  • Over 25 potential outcomes

Become the hero you’ve always wanted to be.

One of A Defender’s Tale’s missions is to celebrate every kind of reader, from girls who are boys who like boys to be girls, and everything in between. We want you to create a story in the way you think is awesome, which is why you’ll have lots of choices to customize your adventure with, starting with the companion you take along.



his narcoleptic lizard would
rather sleep than go adventuring.
Still, he means well. Usually.



A genteel and sophisticated lady
ostrich who always knows best.
And isn’t afraid to tell you so.



What his memory may lack,
this little goldfish makes up for with
bravery and nervous charm.

Want to know more? Then you’ll just have to read the book.